Since February 2021 it has been illegal to sell, buy or possess nicotine without a doctor’s prescription and a TGA Authorisation. This includes vaped nicotine. The regulations will be further strengthened in October 2021 when Therapeutic Goods Order (TGO) 110 is released by TGA. Currently, retailers selling nicotine vapes are being targeted by police and prevented from selling nicotine.

To support doctors and pharmacies in complying with the current legislation Anspec stocks the SAABI Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) as an unregistered medicine. The pods of nicotine are natural tobacco flavoured (flavour only) and include common cigarette flavours, however the nicotine concentrations of the pod start at 2% and reduce to 1.3% then 0% to assist in any treatment program the doctor may find suitable.

Doctors can prescribe the device and its consumable cartridges with an SAS authorisation or with a simplified Authorised Prescriber program available on the TGA Portal.

Please find info, AP forms and guidance using the below link: 

Nicotine e-cigarettes: Information for prescribers | Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA)

Please find the SAS & AP Online System using the below link:

Special Access Scheme  · Custom Portal (

TGA have removed the requirement for HREC approval and some other steps from the normal Authorised Prescriber.

The rechargeable device and the 2% nicotine pods are currently available. The availability of the 1.3% and 0% nicotine pods will be advised. The device cannot be used without the SAABI pod which eliminates risk of misuse.


SAABI – Nicotine Delivery System – In Stock (Unregistered medicine)


SAABI - 2% Nicotine Pods – In Stock (Unregistered medicine)



The 1.3% and 0% Nicotine pods have the same pricing, flavour options and packaging, however availability is to be advised.